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Studio Colin Polwarth – Urban Design & Architecture

Studio Colin Polwarth PL provides specialist urban design and architectural services for public infrastructure and in the private realm. The Studio is led by Colin Polwarth who brings extensive and award winning architectural, heritage and environmental experience to projects. SCP works strategically with clients, builders and designers to harness the particular strengths and expertise of individual specialists in trans-disciplinary fields.

SCP is research based and theoretically underpinned from concept to completion. We take pride in asking challenging questions that lead to functional and creative solutions. Our approach is to optimise designs to increase density and functionality while achieving strong community and cultural aspirations that emanate from design excellence and an environmentally sustainable approach.

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Urbanac - Planning

Urbanac works across planning, architecture and development, specialising in complex urban planning and design challenges. Our clients include public organisations, land owners and developers. We work in close collaboration with project teams that include planners, architects, engineers and landscape architects to effectively resolve complex planning challenges. We bring experience from both sides of the table having been development advocates as well as consent authority representative, addressing projects of local and state significance. We understand the issues that really matter in the complex environments of cities and assist project teams to focus and communicate.

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Mike Harris – Urban Design & Cycle Networks

Mike is an urban designer with specialist skills in cycle network planning and design including traffic safety issues; precinct planning, public domain design, infrastructure with a particular focus on cycling. His skills are underpinned by a body of international research in his role as lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the University of UNSW.

Author of Reconfiguring Sydney Streets: Copenhagen Case Studies & Sydney Adaptations

Joanna Mackenzie- Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics

Joanna is an architect with specialist skill in the development of wayfinding strategies for public and private commercial spaces and environments. Her skills include the design of signage hierarchies and unique sign forms that respond to specific audience and spatial considerations.

Dr Kate Bishop – Children & Youth Environments

Dr Bishop is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Built Environment at UNSW. Her background in environment-behaviour research underpins her teaching, research and her particular area of interest: children, youth and environments. She specializes in the design of environments for children with special needs, paediatric facilities and participatory methodologies with children and young people.

Co-Editor of Designing Cities with Children and Young People (Routledge, 2017)

Dr Nancy Marshall - Urban Planning & Community Consultation

Dr Marshall is a Senior Lecturer in Planning engaged in research and teaching in the Faculty of Built Environment at UNSW. She is a recognised specialist in public involvement and facilitation, with expertise in qualitative data management and analysis. Her research focuses on urban governance and place-making through planning strategies and social policy.

Co-author of Urban Squares as Places, Links and Displays (Routledge, 2016)