The section of Camden Valley Way at Narellan was upgraded by RMS as a key component of the regional road network to meet the growing demand for road capacity in south west Sydney. Design and documentation of the 2.5 km long section of road upgrade works was carried out by the RTA/URS Alliance with Corkery Consulting engaged as specialist sub-consultant to design and document the landscape component of the project.

A Landscape and Urban Design Report was prepared that included a detailed analysis of the road corridor and context to form a basis for the landscape and urban design concept. Detailed design and documentation of the landscape works was then prepared by Corkery Consulting as part of the upgrading project.  


Client:      URS/RTA Alliance
Location:  Narellan NSW Australia
Images:    Corkery Consulting


The landscape design responded to the complex set of issues that were identified through a comprehensive site analysis process, which included extensive remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland, riparian corridor crossings together with adjoining residential development and areas of rural landscape.

A comprehensive site analysis that included extensive remnant trees, numerous underground utilities, the Narellan Creek riparian corridor and existing residential and industrial development adjoining the road corridor.

The landscape concept included retention of remnant trees within the road corridor where possible and new tree planting to recreate the avenue character of the existing section of Narellan Road. Emphasis was placed on indigenous species to enhance biodiversity and minimise ongoing landscape maintenance. Landscape treatment of the water quality basins constructed within the road corridor assisted in integrated them into the landscape. 

A redundant section of roadway incorporating a bridge

over Narellan Creek was retained and converted to a pedestrian/cycle path. Poplar trees were planted along the pathway to recreate the original avenue of trees.

The detailed design and documentation of landscape works prepared Corkery Consulting included planting plans, details, plant schedules and specification. Close collaboration was maintained with the road design engineers throughout the design and documentation process to achieve an integrated outcome.