Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) carried out a traffic study of short-term and long-term traffic congestion mitigation measures for Richmond Bridge and its approaches between East Market Street, Richmond and Grose Vale Road, North Richmond. Outcomes of the studies formed the basis for preparation of concept designs improvement works at the three intersections, which included:

  • Bells Line of Road intersection with Grose Vale Road and Terrace Road, North Richmond
  • Kurrajong Road intersection with Old Kurrajong Road, Richmond
  • Kurrajong Road and March Street intersection with Bosworth Street, Richmond

We were engaged by Jacobs to prepare a Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment Report for the three sites to form part of the Report on Environmental Factors. Landscape Design Concepts were then prepared aimed at mitigating potential visual impacts and improving the urban landscape character of the three intersections.  Detailed documentation of the Landscape Concepts was then completed to allow implementation of the works. 

Client:      Jacobs/RMS
Location:  Richmond NSW Australia
Images:    Corkery Consulting


Richmond Bridge and its approach roads connect Richmond and the broader Sydney urban area to the east with North Richmond, Kurrajong and the Blue Mountains, as well as the Central West of NSW beyond, via Bells Line of Road. It is the only crossing of the Hawkesbury River that serves the residential catchment of North Richmond, Kurrajong, Bilpin, Bell and beyond.

The corridor comprising March Street, Kurrajong Road, and Bells Line of Road between East Market Street at Richmond and Grose Vale Road at North Richmond experienced significant traffic congestion, which included 

eastbound traffic in the morning peak period and westbound traffic in the afternoon/evening peak period.

RMS commissioned consultants to investigate potential short-term solutions and to develop a long-term solution to traffic congestion along the corridor. Jacobs were engaged by RMS to prepare a REF for the Richmond Bridge Approaches short term road safety improvement works.
We were engaged by Jacobs to carry out an assessment of the potential visual impact of the proposed works at the three intersections and to recommend mitigation 

measures. Landscape Design Concepts were prepared that incorporated the recommended mitigation measures and will improve the urban landscape character of the intersections in the longer term.

Detailed documentation of the landscape works included detailed planting plans, plant schedules and specifications that were used for the tender process. The landscape works were subsequently implementation as part of the intersection upgrade program.