To improve traffic flow to Sydney Airport and Port Botany, and connect to the WestConnex Motorway, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) decided to upgrade various sections of roads in the vicinity of the Airport. As two of Australia’s most important international transport gateways it is considered essential that Sydney Airport and Port Botany have safe and efficient connectivity.

Corkery Consulting and Studio Colin Polwarth were engaged by RMS to provide urban design and landscape architecture services as input to the conceptual development of the project.

A key aspect of the proposed upgrade works involves closing the General Holmes Drive rail level crossing to increase rail freight capacity and replacing it with an underpass as an extension of Wentworth Avenue to General Holmes Drive to improve road safety and better access to the Airport and adjoining urban areas.

Client:      RMS
Location:  Mascot NSW Australia
Images:    Corkery Consulting + Studio Colin Polwarth


A detailed and comprehensive assessment of the site was carried out to identify and analyse the complex set of constraints and opportunities presented. An area of remnant coastal swamp vegetation community was determined to be of ecological significance. Consequently a program of ecological restoration was recommended as part of the project.

Realignment of the Botany Road and Wentworth Avenue 

intersection will result in the creation of a small public open space on the south east corner for which a landscape concept was prepared. Concept plans were also prepared for landscape works along sections of Wentworth Avenue, Botany Road, General Holmes Drive and Joyce Avenue within the project site.

An Urban Design Report was prepared for the proposed upgrade works that was incorporated the Review of 

Environmental Factors. The Report describes and illustrates an Urban Design Strategy for the proposed upgrade works, taking account of the project context and responding to site-specific issues. Potential visual impacts were identified and mitigation measures recommended. The Landscape Concept aims to enhance the urban quality of this major gateway to Sydney, reflecting the landscape character of coastal Sydney.